Images are setup in stereo side by side pairs with and without number labels
Drawings and text for all images are on Stanford's LANE MEDICAL LIBRARY website.


Stereo 3D consists of two images, one for left eye and one for right, replicating the way we normally view the world. The original atlas utilized a View-Master™ viewer with special reel: 14 images for seven stereo pairs. In the digital world L and R images are usually combined into one image, side by side, which is viewable in 3D in various 3D software and hardware. Some require a special .mpo 3D format, which can also be supplied.

The new Digital 3D Atlas of Human Anatomy

             Anatomy in Depth images can be purchased in a full set, or as individual sections:
 (note: These categories/numbers were taken from the Land website… will have to determine why they add up to 1712!?)
PRICING for HD 3D Bassett Images (LR side by side format, appx. 1950Hpx each)
With .psd reference drawings with English labels

  1. FULL SET (1561) $1595.00
  2. ABDOMEN (140) $195.00
  3. BACK (110) $195.00
  4. HEAD (493) $495.00
  5. LOWER EXTREMITY (217) $295.00
  6. NECK (130) $195.00
  7. PELVIS (279) $395.00
  8. THORAX (147) $225.00
  9. UPPER EXTREMITY (196) $325.00

VIEW-VASTER viewer (loaded with purchased digital files) $995.00
(with stand, add $95)
Consultation on stereoscopic display options available.